Study Carried out on Rock Salt Lamp

Preface and Acknowledgment

There are things that we can touch and see and there are some things we canít, some of us ask, "Why does it work?" others just accept that it does, neither point of view is wrong or right, better or worse.

If we put ourselves back several hundred years there would be many things that we now accept as a matter of fact that we may well have been ex-communicated for (or even something harsher) had we tried to convince our neighbors and friends that what we said was the truth. (e.g. The world is round not flat, the earth revolves around the sun not vice-versa, etc.)

Rock Salt Lamps are very new infect many people in Europe and particularly Germany know of and have benefited from the natural therapeutic qualities of Salt Crystal Lamps,. 

Research material that conclusively backs up these benefits as more than a "placebo effect" is virtually unheard of in other parts of globe.  

For the scientifically curious we present the following paper ( Independent Research Summary about Salt Crystal Lamps, "Healing energy from the earth" By Institute of Biophysical Research, Germany.) and we would like to thank Mr. Kurt Peer  for translating and summarizing this material into an easily readable format. 

Independent Research Summary about Salt Crystal Lamps

 "Healing energy from the earth"

By Institute of Biophysical Research,  Germany.

 Scientific and empiric research has proven that Salt Crystal lamps have biophysical properties, enhancing our health and well being. From a scientific point of view, three major areas in the research of Salt Crystal lamps have been explored.

Salt Crystal Lamps and Natural Ionization
Salt Crystal Lamps and Electromagnetic Radiation
Salt Crystal Lamps and Emission of Light waves

Before we expand on these 3 areas, it is important to point out that the natural element salt is a mineral with unique biophysical and biochemical characteristics. Salt in its natural state is neutral. Chemically and physically neutral, salt is without its own polarity, always neutralizing. Like our planet, our human body consists of up to 70% water Ė saltwater to be precise. This enormous concentration of bound salt solution transmits the cosmic vibrational energy not only evenly across our planet, but also affects us on a cellular level.

It is not only salt from a chemical point of view that we need to maintain our bodily functions, but it is also salt from a biophysical point of view which always balances and neutralizes us and always takes us back to the natural energetic vibratory rhythm.


Salt Crystal lamps and Natural Ionization

Numerous tests in many countries, using various techniques of measuring always came to the same result. Salt Crystal lamps emit negative ions. The emission of negative ions is generated by continuous interplay of water attraction and water evaporation. The Salt Crystal lamp attracts water molecules from the surrounding air to its warm surface. The water and salt form a solution. In the process of evaporation of the solution, due to the heat of the lamp, negatively charged ions are created. Both positive and negative ions are created, but much more negative ions than positive ions are created, therefore providing a surplus of negative ions. Natrium is positively charged, and chloride is negatively charged. Only salt has this unique ion emission interplay ability with water, because of saltís electrically neutral atomic structure. 

Recent scientific research clearly points out that a balanced ratio between negative and positive ions in the air we breathe affects our well being. From the research, warm Salt Crystal lamps can be seen to be natural ion generators.

Equally important as the ionising effect, is the Salt Crystal lampsí ability to neutralize and purify air. Depending on the size and surface area of the Salt Crystal lamp the purification of surrounding air takes place due to the transformation cycle in water attraction and evaporation, involving hydrogen and oxygen, as well as sodium and chloride, resulting in significant purification of the air. This property will greatly benefit asthma and allergy sufferers.

Salt Crystal lamps and Electromagnetic Radiation

Our planet is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. All life form on our planet exists within this electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field is measured and known as the Schumann Resonance frequency, a frequency of 7.83 hertz. This is the electromagnetic resonance frequency of our planet.

The same frequency can be measured in all mammals and is also equal to the frequency measured when our brain waves are recorded. Crystallized salt rock in its natural state has exactly the same resonance frequency of 7.83 hertz.

In our high-tech environment today, our biological systems are exposed to an array of artificial frequencies from all sorts of electrical appliances and devices. It is widely accepted that these "alien" frequencies affect our system and interfere with our own frequency. The overlapping of frequencies affects our energy field, and forces our bodies and cells to function in an unnatural electromagnetic field. Being exposed to electromagnetic fields other than ours, causes harm to the development of our bodily cells, and restricts their natural behavior and movement. Due to its neutral atomic structure, the Salt Crystal neutralizes the artificial frequencies of the electromagnetic fields. Salt Crystal lamps act as a natural amplifier of the frequencies, which are essential to our health, between 8 to 10 Hertz. By using Salt Crystal lamps we can in a natural way neutralize and balance electromagnetic frequencies unnatural to us. 


Salt Crystal lamps and Emission of Light waves
(The therapeutic effect of colored light)

Light is vibrating energy and consists of different electromagnetic wavelengths found in the nano scale in a band that can be perceived with our eyes. From research (color therapy) it is known that our organism needs light waves from the full rainbow spectrum (300-700 nanometer) to maintain health and well being. Our body cells are nourished by absorbing energy from the light in the form of electromagnetic wavelengths.

Rock Salt Lamps, depending on their crystalline color structure, emit light in the 600-700 nanometer band. In Western medicine treatment with monochromatic light is well known and effective because of the direct influence of these color/ wavelengths on our cell growth and cell function.

Whether Salt Crystal lamps will be used as a medicinal devices is too early to say, as more long term research needs to be done. However there is overwhelming positive evidence from Health Practitioners who have used Salt Crystal lamps for many years as a form of radiation therapy in order to enhance our immune systems.

Translation provided by Mr.Kurt Peer 

We hope that this has been of some assistance to those of you who like to investigate and explain phenomena with scientific precedence and inductive reasoning and hope that it inspires you to at least accept some of the claims that have been made about these unique and beautiful lamps. (Maybe even inspire you to take one home and test it out yourself)

In summary I will leave it up to the words of an alternative health practitioner that I met recently who said, 

"There is the Science of healing and then there is the Art of healing, the Art requires no explanation."  

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